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Floor Mat Installed With The Help Of MJ

While I broom our floor last night, those red cements were removed again and if I were not able to clean it, expect Faith would take it and put it in her mouth. Good thing I still had money left yesterday when I and Mj went out shopping after her Kumon, so I bought 5 meters of it to be place in my bedroom and Mj’s bedroom.

But I was not able to place the floor mat when we arrived because two of my friends were already there to visit, as I bought also a photo frame for our blow up picture during our wedding, Genny was able to find a solution on how to put it in the wall since the frame had a two holes and I didn’t have nails nor a hammer, in fact I really don’t have tools for this house, I know I need those but as of now I still have many things to buy and I can’t do it one time.

I was just so thankful that Mj gave me a hand to helped me putting it in the floor, it was not that easy at all because we have to lift the bed and even the table with the whole bunch of it and well, the closet is too heavy so we can’t do that yet maybe later when sister Merlyn is here. Geez I didn’t know that the 5 meters were not enough for Mj’s bedroom. I still have to buy another 3 meters for it. So no more free red cements in the floor anymore, thank GOD!