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GT : Ann as a Lover

I guess you have to ask my husband about what I am as a lover but alright I’ll give it a try. Base of my friends observation I am stubborn and spoiled, I insist of what I think is right that sometimes it leads to something that does not right at all. Good thing I have a very understanding husband whose always there to care for me, I am just so lucky.

Well, anyway of course I am not always the monster or the bida kontrabida just like Ruby in a drama series; I am also sweet at times. I always makes sure that Terry is ok even we are miles apart from each other. I used to get jealous before but since I met my husband I always so confident that he won’t be looking someone else out there. I trusted him that much as he trust me all the way. I am a one woman man that’s for sure, I am kind a lover that once I am committed, I would always be and that is until the end of time.

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I Hope To Settle This Year

I and my husband is planning now what to do in the next vacation, we were talking about what hotel to stay. Yes, we all be going somewhere in the next vacation, my kids are all so excited about it, Mj keeps on counting the days until their break from school, and she is so looking forward for the next trip.

My husband has a lot of plan for this year and that includes of getting us insurance when we will be together. He is searching for a term life insurance quotes so he could choose the right one and that could really help us when things are seemed so shaky at all. Although I have an insurance here and my kids are my beneficiary, he told me it is better if we could have both so if ever we would settle here or there, we don’t have to worry for our family’s future and our security.

I hope we could settle for this year because it seems like we are too beyond and that the separation has to stop now. I miss my husband too much and it’s sad to know that when Faith is asked where is her Father, she would point the computer and will say Daddy, Daddy!”