GT : My Valentine Date For 2010

Well, since my husband is not here, I will just maybe treat my kids outside for a nice dine out and a movie, I hope the Frog, and the Princess is still showing at that time specially it is already shown at this time, how I wish they would extend it. The kids would probably be glad with the idea of celebrating it outside just like last year and the other year, it was so sad though that my husband was not here and it saddened me still that he could not make it this year also but we are looking forward for the upcoming vacation as he promised he would be here for us.
After Feb 14th Mj would attend a birthday party in the neighborhood, that is an extra nice post valentine date for her, she loves to attend birthday parties especially when there are games at the event as she is always proud of winning some games then show me her price. Anyhow, let me take this opportunity to say Advance Happy Valentines day to all!

3 Responses to “GT : My Valentine Date For 2010”

  1. r u s s says:

    I'm sure there's a cinema that still has The Frog and The Princess. Enjoy spending time with your children.
    Got my Girls Talk entry here ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  2. kha says:

    I also love to see that frog and the princess… It's a good date with your kids..

  3. Mommy Liz says:

    Kapag ganyang wala ang husband mo, mga kids na lang nga ang i date mo, hehehe.. Ipanood mo ng sine at ikain sa labas. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

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