Keep It Away From Children

When we went home yesterday, some of my medicines were just spread on my computer table. After a while, Faith reached for it and was carrying on her hand, I was too worried that she might put some on her mouth so I took it from her and put it in one of my printed boxes inside my closet, it was given to me by my friend who has some relatives on her province. She used to send some package there and I asked that one small printed box for me to store those small clips or some mails that I have to keep.But now since, I don’t have boxes for my vitamins or medicines; I must just use it for my meds so Faith can’t reach out for it. I just have to hide it where Faith could not see it. Sometimes it is really hard to have toddlers around because they keep on putting things that are not necessary to their mouth. We really have to be cautious so our kids will not be harm or poisoned from any bacteria that surround us.

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