Scrubbing And The Pricking

My first facial scrub or treatment was done on August 2008 during the baptismal of my youngest daughter, on that day I learned that I had too much blackheads in my nose area and I just felt so good after the pricking though yeah it hurts big time. From that time on, I have a regular facial treatment twice or thrice in a year or I prickled the blackheads myself, I just learned to do it when the one who had done my facial treatment taught me some small details on how to do it, more or so I really had a hard time doing it and gosh it was so freaking painful, yet I want to learn more though so I won’t spend money for having someone to do the scrubbing or the pricking, nevertheless I want to find a treatment that has nothing to do with the pricking so to avoid the ouch every time I do such thing.

On the other note, I also wanted to have a massage; I badly needed it now as I felt like my joints are not aligning again huh? Nope, I am just so tired from the move out and the walking, these past few days, I need some time to relax and unwind. I hope I can get a massage before I would go to Manila next week.

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