She Cheer Me Up

When you are alone at home and the only there were your kids would not be boring at all. They are there always to cheer you up especially when they smile at you and will call you Mama all the time. I am so lucky I have my kids around this house because they always makes me laugh, smile, mad and tired sometimes.

In this video, Faith was the only one there. Mj was busy doing her Kumon worksheets in the bedroom. I bought some muffins for them so she was busy eating the whole bunch of it, Mj brought her a lollipop from the party too so you see she licked and ate some. Hehehe

2 Responses to “She Cheer Me Up”

  1. Mommy Liz says:

    Iba na ang itsura ni Faith, di na mukhang baby..

  2. anne says:

    hahhaha oo nga lol nd na baby si faith wahh hehehe

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