Some Place To Unwind

Last month, I started to love green tea and it indeed helped me with my constipation but I stopped taking it since I usually forgot to buy those things again in the mall. I am so occupied now that I think I need some places to unwind. Good thing that hubby permitted me to go somewhere next week, I might not only bring a green tea but also a green tea diet pill as well, you know how I really wanted to get back in my previous shape.

Well, I have done a good job this morning because I was able to have an exercise by following the dancing steps of the video that my niece brought last night from the other house. I sweat though not a lot because it rained here a bit and the breeze of the air coming from the window was a bit cold, I thanked God d it rained and we don’t need to do a cloud seeding anymore just to rain.

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