They Should Be Considered As A Blessing

My father-in-law is 88 years old. His birthday occurs just two days before Faiths. He is in fairly good health but recently has had some more serious health issues. Taking care of him is not really that hard since he can do most things for himself, but he needs help when he has a doctor’s appointment or just needs to get of the house for a bit.

It’s a good thing that Terry’s stepmom is also in good health and his eldest sister and younger brother both live close by. They take care of getting him to his Doctor appointments and getting him out of the house from time to time. Terry helps out when he can but it is mostly his stepmom, brother and sister to take care of his dad. Terry’s stepmom works as in the laundry at a nursing home so she knows how it is there. That home is serviced by a locally owned cleaning franchise when it comes to the floors and carpets. I know that they will not put him in a nursing home. Terry believes that as long as the family is able to care for him that being in his own home is better than being in home for the elderly.

Elderly care is not always easy, but through love of family, the job of caring for his dad gets done. I am glad that his family takes care of his dad and I hope MJ and Faith will take care of us when we will need their assistance. Terry and I believe that being with the family is much better than being in a home with strangers. The elderly should not be considered as a burden to the family but a blessing.

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