When Time Seems Too Impossible

I read this article from a very old edition of Parenting Magazine. I was waiting for Mj to finish her Kumon that I spotted this magazine and read it. I find it very interesting so I thought to write it down since they are not allowing us to bring any Magazines owned by the company. This is about when a Husband and a Wife seems so busy with their lives in the office and with their kids, that they cannot find some time alone with each other, here are some of the techniques and ways to at least have a nice make with the relationship.

  • Be Creative
It’s the little activities you plug into each day that make the difference, for instance have a cup of hot chocolate together after dinner, watch the news at night or carve 10 minutes of lighten up time each day, when you unload and share a funny story.

  • Do it Together
Exercise, read or help your kids with homework as a team. Even if you’re not actually interacting, the mutual involvement still connects you.

  • Reach Out and Touch
Put on some music and dance. Or give each other a quick back rub.

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