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GT: Vital Statistics

Whew! I think this is the hardest theme for GT hehehe! Just kidding, Niko is right it is who we are that makes us being sexy and so darn with how big I am now or if I have a flat chest, how old we are or whatever, let me check what my vital stats. I just don’t want to memorize them, maybe because I don’t want to know? Hahaha!

Age: 32 years old (Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh, I have to compute it in calculator geezzz!!)
Height : (Now this is the most hidden secret I have, but for the sake of arts, wahhh) 4″9 or 4″8 I guess? Lol
Weight: 50 kls now
Vital Stats: 34 28 I am not sure with my butt size wahhh

It’s your turn girls, write the post with pride hehehe