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The Battle With Her Son

I supposed to write about the story last night but my youngest daughter keeps on bugging me, I know she was already sleepy but I was still so busy trying to finish my task here in the computer. So when she started acting up, I better stop what I was doing otherwise you could hear a loud cry from her or worst she would sing out loud that it could broke your eardrums or she would insist to type in the keyboard.

As soon as we both hit the bed, she slept so sound in no time. Her sister was already sleeping ahead of us because she was not careful for a certain thing and it almost damage, I scolded her and I told her she could not watch TV anymore last night and she has to sleep early, I know she hated that but she must learn her mistakes.

Anyway, I was so antsy to share this story last night from GOOD Housekeeping Magazine but it was stopped by a little peanut monster here, I thought you may all like it as it was about a Mom who survive from cancer even she was pregnant but if you consider it as the most trial in her life well you’re mistaken.

Here’s the story:

Last September 25, one day before the raging turbulent rains of Ondoy, I gave birth to my son, Eliboy. I underwent an emergency C-section as I had severe pre-eclampsia. My Ob-Gyne told me that I was on the verge of a stroke (I was having trouble seeing clearly already at this time) and gently explained that in order to save not just myself but the life of my baby, I had to give birth prematurely.

I was horrified and completely shocked at the time. I dreaded giving birth as my son was only eight months old. I had heard of stories that it was better to give birth during the sixth or seventh month-but not the eight. I prayed, please LORD, not yet. But if this is the only way to save my son, then I completely surrender him to You.

You see, things change completely when you become a mother: When I had cancer, I completely surrendered to the LORD. But back then, I knew it was just one of two things: either I survive or not. When I was about to give birth to my son, I forgot about myself. I forgot I had options. I pleaded to GOD to save my son. I didn’t even bother to ask Him to save me again.

And with God’s grace, my prayer was answered.

I remember the first time I saw my son in the incubator. My heart was shattered to pieces. There were tubes everywhere in his little body. That night, I cried and cried and cried. It was so hard to bear. It has been like a rollercoaster ride, one day you hear good news; the next, the doctors give you worst-case scenarios. It’s hard to thing straight, let alone move on.

But here is something that I learned from my mother: She taught me to fight this battle with my son on bended knees. Just like what she did when I had cancer. The Lord never failed us before. He will not fail us now. I hope and pray that this ordeal will soon be over and I claim in Jesus name that my son, Elijah Hendrian, will soon be with us-healthy and strong, normal and safe.

To Help Us Slim Down

Working out every day is one of my goals. I don’t always have time to go to the gym and membership in a gym can costs more than I really want to pay. I have been looking for refurbished fitness equipment to see if they have the kind of exercise machines I want to use. My favorites are those stationary bicycles and treadmills. Exercising can help me lose weight and keep me fit and strong.

On the other note, Terry has a treadmill in his house; maybe I’ll be using that someday when we are there. And I’ll be inviting him to join my exercise session when he doesn’t have a work. That would help us to slim down and so to avoid heart failure plus we could have some time together and enjoying the bonding moment a lot.

Explore My Unknown Talent

I know I keep on writing about my failures in cooking, yes I admit that I am not into cooking a delectable foods but living alone with my two super hyper active kids, I think it’s time for me to explore my unknown talent and try to make it appetizing not to mention that Mj need me for cooking a breakfast and lunch for her.

I tried a Chicken Pineapple few weeks ago and sure it taste a little yummy but it was not too appealing, it has different appearance from what I have seen with Kuya Jame’s Chicken Pineapple, but I think I just need to practice more. Although I was not that successful with my Chicken Pineapple, I think I made it good with my Beef Steak, well my sister told me that it has the same taste with the beef steak that my brother-in-law cooked before. But I guess success will always go with failure because the fried chicken I prepared for the kids the other was obviously not good, the inside was not cooked though it was already overcooked when I checked the meat in its outside surface.

For This Month Edition

It has been a while that I haven’t bought a Housekeeping magazine since I was so confused where to place it as we didn’t have a magazine rack at this house. I planned to buy one but I just can’t purchase it this time due for funds restrictions. Well mind you, I still didn’t have a magazine rack this time but I am already so itchy to buy one for this month edition.

Yesterday, I grabbed a copy of it while I was roaming around the mall a bit, and I was not wrong to buy one because I just learned a lot from this month edition. I have copied a lot of recipes, some points to preserve a left over bread, I learned also some tips for keeping your house safe if you are on vacation, I learned that you should check any electronics for short circuits. If you are away for a week or so, it’s best and safest to just unplug them from the wall outlet that will protect your house and our electrical equipment.

I have fun reading some stories as well, that is so touchy, complicated and some are very informative. And the last but not the least, yes I found out that one blogger was featured in this magazine, his and her wife shared some points on how to start an online journal in fact the husband is in my friend’s list. Guess who they are?