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Growing Up

My eldest daughter is growing up so fast now, the last thing I know she was just a little toddler running back and forth in our living room, hugging me and kissing me all the time. Saying I love you Ma very often. I am not saying that she is not telling me that she loves me at all, not most of the time though but at least she said it sometimes.

When we had a studio shoots last Sunday and when we decide which picture to pick up. I notice the changes of my eldest daughter, she is so grown up with that picture and she bloomed as if she is already a teenager. Well, that reminds me, that I am getting older already few years from now I would have a girl here that won’t bring bulky bags, a lot of books, and would always be looking in the mirror even she only have to buy a cooking oil in the sari sari store.

She looks absolutely like me, her being reminded me of myself when I was just her age and I am so excited of her growing up. I am sure she will have a lot of adventures that would come along her way yet I am so scared of how the days rolling so fast. Something in me wanted to hold back the years when she was just so fragile and delicate but I guess we have to face it that sometimes we have to let our kids grow for them to face the real world. Ready or not we are only here to be their guide and a shoulder so when they are wrong of choosing their path, we are there to listen and teach them again to stand, to be brave to battle their own fights in life.

I so love Mj that even sometimes I scolded her and give her punishments, I hope she would remember not the pain of it but I hope she would remember me as a Mom who cares and love her a lot, a Mom who only wanted her to be the best person she can ever be, a Mom who only wanted her to carry the lessons that I taught so when she is ready to face the future she would be the person that she wanted to be.

Summer Is Fast Approaching

Summer is fast approaching, Mj is so excited for her Daddy’s arrival because if he is here we would always roam around the mall and go some places, in fact she keeps on asking me when would Terry arrive.When he is here this coming summer, we will not be only spending our time for vacation because we also have some papers we ought to finish, I hope though that we could just lurk around the beach perhaps and stay away from the busy streets for a while and try the Outer Banks vacation rentals, how I wish it will be that easy however with our situation for now, we really have to work our butts with the papers for us to be together. Yet I am not losing hope, we can have our vacation someday and we would go home together like a family and will not utter the word goodbye in the airport anymore.

Faith’s Morning, Recipe And A Kakanin

So I was right, Faith woke up so early as 6:00 a.m., this morning because she slept so early last night and she did not take her afternoon nap yesterday so she was grumpy and oh so tired from the whole day activity, she even bug us to have her dinner already though I did not finish cooking the ground pork recipe I copied from one of the bloggers here. I just forgot the name of the blog but whoever you are thank you so much for sharing the recipe online.
Now, she is being so active again. For her not to disturbed me while I was cooking for breakfast and Mj’s taking a bath. I have turned the TV on for her so she could watch her favorite morning show like Barney and the Sponge Bob. After a while her cousin Dodong arrived with my sister. She greeted them with a big hello immediately. The vegetable and kakanin passed by, so we hailed it and bought some vegetables for lunch. It’s my sister’s turn to cook for lunch so I have ample time to lurk here in my blog. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Faith trying to choose what kakanin she would like to taste

What Matters Most

During our wedding, I thought my husband would be wearing a tuxedo, so I was planning to buy her some tuxedo shirts here but I realized later that he would only wear a black suit. Although he would just wear that, I thought a tuxedo shirt would do, I was still planning to buy her one however when he arrived, he already brought an underneath shirt for his suit so I won’t bug myself to buy one for him.

Even though he was not wearing a tuxedo suit, he was still look good in his black suit. Anyway, what he was wearing doesn’t matter at all because what was important on our wedding is he was there, marching down the aisle, waiting for me in the altar and will say “I do” with me.