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The Little Lady and My Little Peanut Butter

Well, obviously I had a long busy day today, imagine even though I went out at 8:30 a.m., for my appointment I still got home late. It has nothing to do with that appointment though the reason why I came home late because I finished it around 11:00 a.m., it just I got too many task today and I am glad in some way I at least almost done with it.
On the other hand, to make my post short, I finally got our picture from the studio; I was so excited to see it because I am sure it has a good result. Well, I was not mistaken because my models were so amazingly gave their best pose.

Here’s my little lady and my little peanut butter.

My Hobby

It is my hobby to save money, so even though how small the amount would be left, out of the money Terry sent me, I always make sure to go to the bank to save it. My sister laughs at my gesture because it was just so small, well if you won’t withdraw it, it would rise to a bigger amount, right?

Who knows? I will be able to invest that money to gold bullion as I heard it is a good investment and that owning one is one way to protect our wealth. I am not sure though, I think I have to search more on it so I would know if it is effective or not, I don’t want to waste my time and effort through it then all a sudden, I will just say sorry at the end. For now, I must concentrate of saving more because I have something in mind I would love to buy that is something useful. It is a secret as of the moment, you would know what it is before this year ends.