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In Heart Attack Grill

In the Philippines you know we just love our fast food. And we love going to Jolibee and McDonalds if we want a burger. But there is not a place in the Philippines like the Heart Attack Grill in Arizona. If you want nothing but bad for your heart food served in a restaurant ran by a fake doctor and scantily clad fake nurses, this is the place for you. I love burgers and if I get the chance and find myself in Arizona, we may just stop by for lunch. But I guarantee nobody will be able to eat a Quadruple bypass burger, well maybe MJ will give it a try.

Note: This is not a paid post, I just thought to share this one to you so you could laugh out so hard just like I and Terry did when we were watching it, hehehe.

Grandpa or Amusement Park?

I want to take a family vacation in Orlando, Florida. Any one of several Orlando vacation packages would work for us. We can go see Universal Studio and Disney theme parks. And when we are not going to amusement parks, we can take the kids to go see the grandfather who lives only an hour or so away in Zephyrhills, Florida. I don’t know which the kids would like more, the amusement parks or Grandpa?

Grandpa would be the first priority then we could take him to the amusement park, isn’t it a good idea, the kids get to bond to their grandpa while enjoying the amazing views of the park. They were not able to experience being around with grandparents, so I guess they will feel great when they would meet the father of my husband, I just can’t wait.