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Mellow Yellow Monday # 20: Tweetie Bird


I just miss my Tweetie Bird pillow; I bought that one when I was still working at the call center to give me warm when it’s too cold at the call floor. Now I think it was retired, Faith was able to use it when she was just a baby, she love to hug it and a best buddy ever in the crib. In fact I was able to take a picture of her with my Tweetie Bird.

Do we have the same round eyes?

Look, we even pouting here, hehehe

Ooppss excuse me tweetie bird

Congratulations To Both Of Them

My friend finally is on her way to Georgia right at this moment with her two kids, she message me a while back and told me she was already boarding a plane going to Korea. I guess everyone of her friends knew that she would fly today, in a few hours she would be together with her fiancée, it is funny though because she has been writing a post in her wall at facebook writing some quotation about love then all a sudden she uploaded a picture of a car and quoted “soon” maybe she would be having her own car in a few days after she and her fiancée settled everything, well, I of finding a car insurance cheap that is, so they would not be burden with bills and stuff especially they have to prepare the upcoming wedding in Georgia.

I love to see her wearing a wedding gown and marching down the aisle. I remember during my friend’s wedding and my wedding last year, she was the one who is so lucky to catch always the bouquet of course this time, she would not catch it at all because she will be the one to throw it in the air, I wonder who would it this time. How I wish to witness this significant event of her life, just as she witnessed mine. But anyway, I am so happy that she would tie a knot very very soon and I know God will always be there for them when they start a family of their own. Congratulations to Billy and Grace!