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I Don’t Feel Like Going Out Today

Today is Araw ng Davao and I guess some of the people would go to downtown to celebrate, I am sure there is a lot of things to see there, the parade, the street dancing, the float of flowers and the like and I guess there were a lots of freebies to be offered, more likely celebrities from Manila will come over to perform live at the malls, but geez I don’t feel like going out today.

Cheryl, my friend invited me for a birthday party of her Mom to be held at the Pool at her nephew’s school, yet I am struggling the thought if we would go or not, as I said I don’t feel like going out today, not to mention that we have to be early tomorrow for Mj’s appearance at the DFA office. She would be absent at school in the morning but she had to attend in the afternoon because they have to review their previous lessons for their exam on Thursday and Friday, so today since there’s no class we would take this chance to study her lesson.

Information Security Online

The Internet has become a very valuable tool in for use in business and education. However, as the internet has proliferated throughout the world, incidents of Identity theft, denial of service attacks, Trojan horses, virus and other types of malicious software and attacks have increased almost as fast. In today’s cyberspace, Information Security and Information Assurance skills are in high demand.

Online education is becoming more and more available. For Terry’s Master’s Degree, two of the courses were online. An online MS in Information Security can get you a high paying job. As businesses depend on the information super highway, they need professionals to protect their websites and servers. Learning never stops and neither do hackers and virus developers. Information Security specialists are in high demand.