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Sexiest? Oh c’mon! Lol

Well I made it the previous theme why not now? Hahaha, as other say flaunt it when you have it. But let me think though what I think is the sexiest part of my body. Though I hope this entry would still be acceptable in today’s topic.

I refer to no other than my eyes, well that’s what my friend comment that I had a nice pair of eyes, I am not sure but that’s what they said so I guess it’s my sexiest part of my body. Oh forgive me; I cannot think of anything sexy now but my eyes. And speaking of that, grrr I am so sleepy this time because we finished the review so late last night and I still have to wake up to finish my pending assignments.

Doing after six

My sister Irenie came over here for dinner with her son last Sunday, I was cooking for them our favorite Chicken Pineapple that she noticed me gaining too much weight this time. I don’t deny such as before when she claimed she was thinner than I was, I would really argue but not now anymore. I admit I really gained few pounds, the reason why it has been two days now that I am doing after six, how does it work? Well, you must have a lot of discipline of your self not to eat any food after 6:00 p.m., until morning comes, you should exert extra effort to avoid the temptations of any food in the table.

It works for some people, and since I can’t find any way to go back to the gym yet because of my kids, I might try this pattern. Let’s see if I’ll survive and if not I might just ask for a rescue from diet aids, if there’s any so to get rid of my flabby fats and to continue losing weight. I am dread serious of getting the shape that I had before well not too much though; maybe I just work out a little so I could lose few pounds. Now, what do you say?

Cold in the basin

Faith just loves water. When she is taking a bath even though how cold the water would be, she could stay for hours if we won’t persist to take her away from the basin of water. I guess every kid has an obsession with water, they just can’t resist it when they are into it just like me before, although I can’t be seen anymore every time we go to a beach for summer get away, because I was already burn from the heat of the sun, I still won’t stop. Obviously, it’s different now because I wanted to be at least have a light skin even how I tried to put some whitening lotion, my skin still won’t change, or white as what I always dream of.
Faith is lucky because she had her Daddy’s skin so no matter how she stayed for long under the heat of the sun, her skin would stay the same. I and Mj have to shed ourselves somewhere so we could save our skin from the dreading heat of Mr. Sunshine.

See how cold she was? But she was complaining at all

Well spare me Mom, I just want to be the little mermaid, hehehe

When he figures out what is right for her

Like my husband, Mj had an eczema too. At first I didn’t know that the thing that suddenly appears in Mj’s wrist was an eczema, I thought it was only an ordinary kind of allergy but I was mistaken because the first time Terry looked at it, he then immediately claim it was not only a common allergy that would disappear even we don’t treat it.

Right after he figures out what was the right eczema treatment for her, my husband didn’t wasted any moment because he treat the area that was affected right away. He told me that Mj is not allowed to eat chicken, eggs and such because that would trigger the allergy but after the treatment, her eczema didn’t go back anymore. So I allowed her to eat a fried chicken, the all time favorite of my family, hehehe.