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How Safe Are You?

When we were out of town, I realized then that I was not being careful of putting some information here in my blog. My husband always told me to be discreet sometimes in writing some post, like the hotel we stayed there in Cebu. Sometimes I just get too carried away and just posted the name of it while we were still there.

When I noticed it in my other blog, I deleted it immediately. You see sometimes there were a lot of bad elements there that we didn’t know and didn’t expect to just attack you all so sudden. I am not saying that the place is not safe at all, but due to some small details you wrote it would lead you to a disaster that you don’t even want to happen in your dreams. So when you are in a vacation getaway, better yet not to write about the place online, you never know some people will stalk you down.

To speed up your computer performance

Sometimes working on your computer may seem very frustrating, especially if it keeps hanging up or its performance is very slow. MacBooks and Windows based PCs can often be slow. Newer applications require more memory for your computer to operate efficiently.

For a MacBook, macbook memory can speed up your computers performance. For PCs the appropriate memory can help your applications work faster and maximize its performance. You don’t always need to buy a new computer, you many only need to upgrade your memory to improve performance. But, always keep your anti-virus software up to date.