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Mellow Yellow Monday # 22 : The Yellow Tag

Monday is here and that means its Mellow Yellow Monday time, and here’s my entry for today.

Mj found this site when we went to Ayala Mall in Cebu, I guess this would fit my entry today. We did not went inside though, Mj is too young for coffee.

I thought when I captured this picture, the SM CEBU tag could not be seen, well in my digi cam it does not look so well, but when I uploaded this to my computer, it is so clear at that. Mj enjoying our meal at the Food court SM Cebu.
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Comparing Quotes

Insurance companies make all kinds of claims and insurance advertising can tell you a lot of what an insurance company has to offer. However some of them make the same claims, most claim that they will save you money over competitors.
But, which one will give you the save the most? The only way is to compare quotes from various sources to get the best price for the type of insurance you want.