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This Holy Week

The mall is so crowded today, every counter was so busy and mind you, each of the counters got a very long line. We could compare it to Christmas and New Year Season, where you must have to walk sideward’s because of the huge crowd in the grocery department. But I still have to grocery shop today since we don’t have any frozen foods in the fridge anymore.
I patiently waited for my turn in the cashier and was waiting for another hour for a cab going home. I thank GOD that this holy week, we have some foods to eat and was able to pay our electric bill. Anyway, I have so many things to thank GOD now, because he has given me enough happiness that I only dreamed on before. First he gave me a husband who is so understanding and caring; second he gave me two kids who always make my day a complete one. And though we don’t have riches and wealth but because of them, I just own the biggest treasure in the whole world I would always be proud of.
I hope to join the way of the cross here in our place, just like before. Just like what I was used to that even though I was still so sleepy, yet my heart and soul are awake. At 2:00 a.m., we were already walking down the street, praying and meditating. It was indeed a very great experience, yes my feet were so tired but when you know that you were walking with Jesus, all the tiredness I’ve felt was gone. Even those heartaches and pains, he swept it away because he was there and would never left you all alone.