Before Leaving

I want the best eye creams in the world and that means now! Yeah, that means right at the very moment, not tomorrow or next month. It has been like two days already that I slept so late and my head is spinning round and round and when I look at the mirror this morning, some black spots encircled my eyes. I bet I am so stress and so needing to rest but I can’t we have to go out today with Mj, I have to send her to Kumon and I am going to meet a friend in the mall this afternoon.

Thank God! That Mj’s final exam is already over, so we have could just watch TV tonight or perhaps we will have to sleep early because we have to get ourselves ready early in the morning by tomorrow for she has to attend a farewell party at school. She asked me to buy a cake and some candies for the event. On the second thought maybe I will just have to rest for 30 minutes before I leave for sending her to the tutor.

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