Mellow Yellow Monday # 22 : The Yellow Tag

Monday is here and that means its Mellow Yellow Monday time, and here’s my entry for today.

Mj found this site when we went to Ayala Mall in Cebu, I guess this would fit my entry today. We did not went inside though, Mj is too young for coffee.

I thought when I captured this picture, the SM CEBU tag could not be seen, well in my digi cam it does not look so well, but when I uploaded this to my computer, it is so clear at that. Mj enjoying our meal at the Food court SM Cebu.
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12 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Monday # 22 : The Yellow Tag”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Kamukahang kamukha mo si MJ sis.

    Yummy Yellow

  2. Vernz says:

    gurl, cutie kids man oi … ayaw sa inum kape … heheh..

    mine is up too.

    Biggest Eagle in the World
    The Royal Mandaya Hotel

  3. momgen says:

    Kacute baya ni MJ no. Happy mellow yellow Monday.

    Mine is here

  4. STEF says:

    Hi there! It's my 1st time to join Mellow Yellow Monday and hope you can visit my site too. I think your daughter is like mine…loves to be at the mall! LOL

  5. shopannies says:

    you daughter is a cutie me and my girls love mall as well

  6. Marice says:

    thats perfect for MYM 🙂

    u may view mine here

  7. anne says:

    Hahaha thanks rose

  8. anne says:

    hehehe gatas lang sa no vern'z

  9. anne says:

    thanks mom gen

  10. anne says:

    Hi stef hehehe I think all girls are, even the two year old toddler would love to roam around the mall.

  11. anne says:

    Hi Shopanies, hehehe even my two year old toddler loves to just walk around the place

  12. anne says:

    thanks marce

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