One of those Boring Days

Nothing is really interesting today, except that Faith is here behind trying to ride at my back while I am typing this post; oh she is also making my hair mess this time and put some stickers in my arms. Her Mommy Irenie was here early this morning to visit her but Faith did not see her because she was still sleeping; she slept for longer hours this time she sometimes woke up at around 11:00 a.m., so expect her to take only short naps this afternoon.

We are still watching the Oscar’s Awards but they got a lot of commercials in line before they would air it again. So I went here to finish my post during commercial breaks. I will not be going out today, I would treat this day as my off because on Wednesday, I’ll be busy with our papers again and I have to exchange the worksheets of Mj at the Kumon.

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