Planning To Buy A Printer and The Upcoming Festival

My friend had a printer that has all in one; she could do most everything of it. She could use it when she wanted to fax some papers, photocopies and printing some documents. I wanted to have that model of Epson printing too but I guess I can’t have it anymore since there is a latest model called epson tm-t88iv, unlike the latter printer that is not a user friendly at all, this one has a lot of features that are so easy to follow and use. I might just bargain my old one and replace it with that model, since sometimes in March in one of the malls here, you could trade in your old printer and convert it to cash, then I am free to buy the latest printer of Epson, I hope and pray that I could get discounts of it since we have a festival here in our place this month. I am sure most of the products here will be on sale.

On the other hand Mj is asking me if I could bring them in downtown area during festival so they could watch the parade, I believe there will be a lot of different floats to be shown during the event, there will be also a street dancing contest raging in with passion in the upcoming festival. I and the kids are so excited to see it; I hope that there are no treats that would happen along the way.

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  1. Neldajay says:

    Epson brand is good Ann..matagal yan

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