Under Treatment

Mj’s love of water is so unbreakable, she is here patiently waiting for the pool to open since it is under treatment, I told her maybe it would open in the afternoon but no she hopes and even praying it would open now. She is so ready to dip in the water; it is five feet so I warned her to just be at the stairs and won’t go deeper. Yes she has been in a swimming lesson but that was not enough because we stopped just before she learned the basic.

She has been asking since last night if she could go to the pool but I declined her because we were running out of time, we were still at SM last night and bought her the swim suit then we took our dinner yet afterwards, it was passed 7:00 p.m., that we arrived here in the hotel. Yes, I know it was early but with the appointment we had yesterday, it makes me really exhausted. All I wanna do last night is to sit down in our bed, blogging and watching TV.

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