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Headache on Gilmore Girls Series

I had been just at home during Holy Thursday and Friday, yes I could have been went out and joined the procession that is usually happens just once a year and that is during Lenten Season. But I just can’t leave the kids alone as early as 3:30 a.m., knowing sister Merlyn would arrive at 9:00 a.m. So I just stayed home and had some time with my kids, we were watching the Gilmore Girls Season 1 DVD, I bought it last two days ago, thinking I might need it during idle times and I was right.

Then after like two days of watching it, a severe headache I just felt then. I was wandering in our bedroom trying to get some sleeps even just 15 minutes, but Faith kept on bothering me, so I end up in the living room, looking at her while she gaily danced and sang out loud though it was not the right tone and the right lyrics for me, I just heard the most beautiful music in the whole universe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Mom and she’s my baby so that explains my admiration. If it was not of Mj buying me a pain reliever, I might not have a good sleep last night. My eldest daughter is always in the rescue when Mom needs to be rescued, or badly hurt or in pain. Lol, I am just exaggerating things, it was only a headache that if I didn’t watched the Gilmore Girls for long hours. I didn’t suffer a lot. Anyway, I am up to Season 2 so the headache does not end there yet.