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I had a long day but it’s all worth it

Early in the morning today I message my sister Irenie if we could drop to their house to have breakfast before we go to church, my laziness to cook just got me early in the morning as that, good thing my sister said yes. As soon as the kids woke up, I told them to have a shower immediately and that we could all go. We arrived there at 10:00 a.m., so we still have enough time to eat and go to church, later they decided to hear mass with us though we have to wait for them to prepare yet we were still not late when we arrive at the church.

Right after the mass, I treated the kids for lunch in Mcdonalds in the Mall. Then we roam around a bit to buy bath soap for Faith, hand soap and a sunglass for Mj. We did not stayed in the mall for so long, so we decided to get home early. I invited my sister Irenie to have a dinner at home, so I have to prepare some foods and all that, I was so exhausted and tired that I thought I am suffering now some back pains but its all worth it. We were able to hear mass today and I feel so grateful for that.