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Girls Talk: Favorite Junk Food

I and my friends during college really love Chippy ever since I told them that it really tastes good if we dip it into a ketchup. From then on, every time we go for snacks and we just want to eat junkie, we always choose the Chippy among others. And when we don’t have a money to buy a Chippy, my best friend and I have to go to the entrance gate, and asked one peso from our classmates, friends, or acquaintance. It is also one way of proving ourselves who had the most friends in school, I as a working scholar and her as a fraternity member. And when we are done, we would combine our money and we will buy two packs of Chippy.
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A Revenge

While Mj was busy playing with her Nintendo one morning, I reminded her to take her breakfast first, so she put the Nintendo down and since she knew that Faith would take it, she hid it somewhere. The moment my two years old youngest daughter saw her Ate not playing with it at all, she suddenly exclaimed “Yes!” then she went to get it, she tried so hard to find it in the shelves, near where she saw her Ate playing a while ago. She was already asking me to help her and since I know she would just frequently drop the gadget and I really don’t allow Mj to give the Nintendo to Faith, I just pretended to help her find it.
Night came, Mj forgot her Nintendo. She just put it on the table while she was asleep. Faith was not sleeping yet at that time, so she saw it. She took it, opening and closing it and when she realized she was already sleepy, she put it away. The next morning Mj was already so busy locating her Nintendo the moment she got up from bed, Faith was not yet awake at that time. She already went to the kitchen, her bedroom, in the living room but no it was not there, so she came to me and asked me about it, she remembered it that she just placed her Nintendo on the table. After few minutes of looking, we found out that Faith put it secretly inside the last drawer where our computer was placed. We both had a good laugh; my youngest daughter got her revenge, lol.