Archive for April 10th, 2010

We will going to the pool

Today is the awaited day of the kids, as of this very moment they are waiting for me in the living room to finish what I have to do here. I promised them we could go out in the pool but I didn’t tell them when it is exactly so this is kind a surprise to them, finally I made up my mind.
I am so excited too, as I get to bond with my kids in the water. The last time we were in the pool, I had guests with me so I was not able to soak in with them. We are not bringing any food, I guess we have to order our lunch there; anyway we won’t have to stay long. So Ciao everyone!

My Last Resort

Well a lot of us want to lose weight. I blog about it a lot and I know I need more will power. For some people diet and exercise not to work or is not an option, bariatric surgery is an option for some people but not for all. I really am afraid of surgeries and think it should only be done as a last resort.
But for now, I am really aiming to go back to my gym session; I hope I will have the motivation by next week. I really need to lose weight very badly, I feel like heavy at all. My husband was even surprise of how my tummy got this big; he said I need to walk for hours in the neighborhood. I am not sure I can do that, I get too lazy even just to think about it. So gym session that is, wish me all the best guys!