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My smart and active kid’o

It has been awhile already that Faith is doing the in the computer and it just amazed me that she is now can imitates the phonetics from A to Z. She loves to sing the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Now I am singing her the Alphabet song and she perfectly follows me especially when I sang it slowly.

Last night, while holding the Nintendo of my eldest daughter, she told me “Mama, kiss Mario, kiss Mario” oooppss don’t get me wrong; Mario is the game that Mj kept on playing on her Nintendo. She really can talked and comprehend clearly now, though sometimes she is stubborn and hyper active but isn’t it a part of growing? I hope nothing is wrong with that though yes I admit; I’m a bit worried as my friend told me about ADHD or EDHD. It is related to the kids’ behavior, a super duper hyper active toddler as I may say that needs medical assistance.

Any ideas that can help us both?

Well the battle of the tummy continues and it seems to be winning. I really need to drop some pounds and so does Terry. So what should I do?

There are a lot of weight loss products, everything from pills to exercise products and instructional DVDs, but what should I do? The only way to find out what is best for me is to research it then try it out. Although the plans of going to the gym next week, I am still needing your advice, do you have any ideas that can help us both?


Have you heard the latest song of Charice Pempengco? Well, I’ll tell you it is like you’re listening to an International artist, you wouldn’t believe that the one who sang the song is a Filipino, her voice is really amazing. And as a Filipino I am just so proud of this girl, she did hit the heart not only to us but to the whole world as well.

Here is the video of the song:

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