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Girls Talk : The Last Time I Pig Out

The last time I pig out was on Sunday, I guess I already posted the pictures in one of my blogs. Still let me share it once again here.
I never been into a Korean Restaurant before and thanks to my cousin Ivy because she brought us all there, the kids had a blast. Well, Faith could not eat the side dishes since it was so spicy, we let her try the samgyupsal but she didn’t like though she was okay with a fried fish. It was my first time to taste the samgyupsal and it is so damn great. I will have to go back there to have it again; I just have to have a budget for it.

Things I have to buy next month

Early next month, I would ask someone to paint our fence and gate since it really needs a color very badly I also have to buy mattress, pillows, and another set of curtains and seat cover so when my husband would come next month, he would be at least comfortable this rented home. I think he would stay here at least ten days including with the visit in Manila, we have to attain some papers and documents there and it is with the kids of course. It would be a great family time together once again.
I hope Mj will have a break from her swimming lesson so she could go with us, or maybe she could skip at least three days and be back after. Well, I think her coach would allow her since his team who enrolled last summer and continued their training will have a competition on May 27th, I hope they would win so they could proceed in Hongkong swimming competition.