The beginning of another life

It is hard to say goodbye to someone when he already has a special spot in your heart, but life has to move on no matter what. I know moving on is not easy especially when his promised held your heart to be still hopeful that somehow he would return to you with open arms or he would change for the best because he wanted to save the relationship, but what if he won’t would you still keep on waiting? And what if he would return to you, would you still give him a chance?
Love can makes the world go round, but when you feel the pain because of that, it is the other way around. When I have my share of depression long time ago, I was not able to eat nor sleep I was hurt big time, I cried all night long. I thought it was the end of everything for me but I was wrong because that served as my beginning of another life, a future to be hold and loved by someone who truly belongs to me.

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