Clearing Dark Spots

I think I have to work out to get rid of this dark circles under my two eyes. But how could I when every time I would promised myself to sleep early, a lot of temptations are coming my way, anyone who would like to give their piece of advice of how to permanently treat these dark circles under eyes because I am beginning to get cranky here just to clear it. Good thing, I didn’t have to wake up early today to send Mj to her swimming class, I had a long sleep if only my husband didn’t called me up to tell me about our appointment every morning. I was not able to tell him that today is their rest day and this coming weekend.
He told me to go back to bed but Faith is already awake and was trying to trick me so she could have a good spot to get my phone. My little girl is so witty but I am still the Mom and she could never outwit me, though there were sometimes that she succeeded yet I always reprimanded her that to touch things are not good especially if it is a phone or some thing that does not belong to her, she could only touch her toys and dolls, well the Nintendo sometimes.

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