Ears Pierced

Faith’s ears were pierced last week. We should have done it too long ago before she turned 1 year old. But I was just too scared to do it, Mj was only five months old when sister Irenie have her ears pierced and Faith is already two years old yet I still could not decide until last week.
They pierced the ears all together so she could feel the pain only one time but I know she was really hurt big time. Though her cries was not that loud, she just hide herself in our shoulders, asking us to comfort her yet we believe she was really badly hurt. But it was all worth it because she looks so adorable and cute with the tiny earrings; the stone is coordinated with her birth month so it is color ruby. I would be showing it next week so yah better watch, better not cry I am telling why, lol, is it Christmas already?

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  1. Bambie dear ★ says:

    Mas lalo na magiging kikay si lil Faith nyan hihi.. buti pa sya makaka-hikaw na, si lil Anzu ko hindi pa =(

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