Efficacious Enough

Cleaning toilet bowls could not be easy when you don’t have a very effective toiler bowl cleaner that kills bacteria yet the scent is not that strong. I’d been looking for a cleaner that has an aroma scent but I still can’t find one, for now we are still struggling with a cleaner that has a very strong odor every time I clean it. I wonder what I would do if our septic tank got full or damage as my husband is not here with us. I am not comfortable hiring men to do it for us but if it is already necessary then I don’t have any choice, I just hope that they would use a septic tank cleaner that is efficacious in removing bacteria or clear out the dirt that causes the clog.
When my house was built yet three years ago, I asked the one who dig the hole for our septic tank if how many years would the tank lasts, he said the maximum would be five years. Then after five years we may have to hire men to clean it, geez I wonder how they could stand that job. With all the human wastes and germs arount the hole, I guess they might need a concentrated disinfectant for themselves.

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