Getting old and looking its age

The house in Maryland has a nice deck on the backside, what it is lacking is quality outdoor furniture. When Terry bought that house, he just kept the old stuff and just bought a swing for it, but now it is getting old and looking its age.
He needs to replace it but I am hoping I am the one that gets to choose it. We should choose something that is durable and can stand the various weather conditions on the east coast. However, for now I just have to sit, relax and be happy at the comfort of my rented home, I must let tomorrow worry itself because if I worry too much of how and when we will be together again, I might just gain a lot of wrinkles and pimples. I believe God will provide everything for us.

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  1. What was done says:

    Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

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