Girls Talk: Favorite Junk Food

I and my friends during college really love Chippy ever since I told them that it really tastes good if we dip it into a ketchup. From then on, every time we go for snacks and we just want to eat junkie, we always choose the Chippy among others. And when we don’t have a money to buy a Chippy, my best friend and I have to go to the entrance gate, and asked one peso from our classmates, friends, or acquaintance. It is also one way of proving ourselves who had the most friends in school, I as a working scholar and her as a fraternity member. And when we are done, we would combine our money and we will buy two packs of Chippy.
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16 Responses to “Girls Talk: Favorite Junk Food”

  1. Mommy Liz says:

    Wow, ganon? nangingikil kau ha, hehehe. Medyo maalat para sa akin ang Chippy eh, saka noong araw, di talaga ako afford makabili nyan. Now that I can afford to buy it, di ko na siya favorite, wala kasing tinda dito, hehehe.

  2. redamethyst says:

    I used to eat this before, but now, I find it too salty for me.
    here's my entry for Girl Talk

  3. gorgeous_MHE says:

    awww, I like Chippy too.. lalo na yung red (tear here)… hehehehe

  4. Dj Mariñas says:

    hmmm, ngayon lang ako nakarinig na masarap pala sawsaw sa ketchup ang chippy. an officemate of mine does this with vinegar naman 🙂

  5. Cecile says:

    back home, i used to eat this one a lot, but not anymore because it is very salty 🙁

  6. Marice says:

    who doesnt love chippy 🙂

    u may view mine here

  7. niko says:

    what a nice story behind chippy 🙂 naaliw ako.. hihih mkatikim lng ng chippy noh? pwedng pang commercial ng chippy yan ha hihih

    lam mo ba confirmed nmen ng mga kaopisina ko to, chippy is more delicious pag hinihingi!!! hihihih pramis

    thanks for joining GT girl!
    tc always..

  8. anne says:

    kaya nga mommy liz nangingikil na lang hehehehe

  9. anne says:

    Hi redamethyst, oo nga parang nag iba na ang lasa niya

  10. anne says:

    Hi gorgeous mhe, hehehe yeah ang anak ng friend ko sabi pa bakit ayaw bumukas dito sa may tear here lol

  11. anne says:

    As in DJ id been doing this since highschool lol

  12. anne says:

    OO nga cecile, kasi masyado na siyang salty pero masarap pa rin siya isawsaw sa ketchup mawawala ung alat niya hehehe

  13. anne says:

    yeah you are right marce, pangbansang junk food yata to eh hehehe

  14. anne says:

    hahahaha tawa naman ako sa yo niko uhmmm oo nga parang pang commercial noh pero ginagawa talaga namin ng friend ko nung college kami..

  15. texas_sweetie says:

    mao baya ni peborit kau naku kaniadto pero talagsa naman lang gud ko kitag chippy dri. ug hilantan ko sauna kay mao ni ako kan on maulian ang kapait sa dila maayo na dayon .. magic kau oi

  16. Rossel says:

    masarap din ang chippy kaya lang naaalatan ako. classic na yan pati na rin ang cheese curls. yan na yata ang pinakamatagal na chips. natatandaan ko kinder pa lang ako meron ng chippy.

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