Girls Talk: The Most Expensive Lunch

Well, the most expensive I’ve ever spent was in Bigbys, my husband was not here and I have to treat my friends in college at that time. I spent almost P2, 000 pesos for the three of us and their kids as well.
My friends and I in Bigbys restaurant

Mostly, I had expensive dinner with my husband of course, first was in a seafood restaurant, I ordered crabs and I did not expect it cost us that much especially when we were tying to budget our money at that time because we had to go to Manila for my hubby’s legal capacity to marry. We almost got choked when we saw the three zeros after the 4 digit in our bill. Terry even plunge a line if we were really in budget and I just stood there laughing because I was the one who holds the budget.

The place where I had crabs

Then my husband had revenged, it was after we got the legal capacity. He said we would celebrate for a mission accomplished. So we grabbed the kids at TGIF in MOA, he ordered a steak, the special one that they had in the menu and that cost us almost 5k then he said that was his revenge, lol.

The steak that my husband ordered

We shared our smiles
though the price of the food we ate was up to our neck, hehehe

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8 Responses to “Girls Talk: The Most Expensive Lunch”

  1. Rossel says:

    5k? parang pamalengke ko na ng 1 month yun a, ehehe! anyway, sulit naman dahil kita ang saya sa pictures nyo.

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  2. Vernz says:

    Wow, girl, di pa ako nakakain sa Bigbys I often let that resto pass, sa Mcdo nalang ako.. heheheh. I joined GT too.

    My most expensive soup

  3. texas_sweetie says:

    ok ra kaau ug panagsaan hehe para pud dili ma ignoy makatilaw ug mamahalin foodies.

  4. levy says:

    I never been to TGIF, will try it next payday sa Odesk (crossing my fingers)

    Happy Weekend!

  5. niko says:

    lam mo gustong gusto ko itry ang TGIF.. fave yan ng cousin ko.. ihave to try their food and know why she loves it sooo much

    thanks for joining GT ha!! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  6. anne says:

    hehehe pang once in a blue moon lang yun sel hehehe

  7. anne says:

    hehe pag kasama ko sila mj and faith eh mcdo talaga kami or jollibee vernz

  8. anne says:

    exactly right anne hehehe

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