Interesting Exhibits

Have you ever been to a Job Fair, Trade Show, or any other kind of informational gathering? Do you ever wonder how they come up with those great ideas for those trade show displays that tell you about there product, service or company? Some of them are very unique and eye catching. A lot of visual information can be put in a small area. You can learn about the company, its products and/or services and if it is a job fair, job openings. If for no other reason, just walking through areas where there are a lot of these displays is educational.

There are various types of displays that are you can see at exhibits, truss displays are often custom designed for a company, and will allow them to take advantage of design style that will enhance their display and make it stand out from others. The versatility of this design can be used in conjunction with other types of displays. It can be used to hang lighting that focuses on your product, service or representative.

One thing that I have noticed is that several companies have logo floor mats at their entrance; I have also seen them at trade shows. What is the first think you see when you go to an office? One thing I notice right away is the logo. Most places will have it on the outside of the building, and then again when you enter. I have also seen them at trade shows. It is one way that companies “brand” themselves.

All of these things can be seen at exhibits, trade shows and job fairs. The exhibit booths should draw attention. They may want to attract you to buy something, learn about an issue, a charity, or provide you information about jobs available. I know that what attracts me to an exhibit booth is the way the information is displayed. Is the information easy to read, eye catching and pertinent to me. Style and content will grab my eye. A shoddy display will cause me to walk right past it.

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