Just because I slept five hours

Thanks for the rotating power outage; I slept 5 hours after we ate our lunch. But no, it still won’t me feel any good because I was not able to finish my clicks in my Entrecard. And because I slept 5 hours, I was not able to buy another thread for my seamstress who done my seat cover, she would do my window curtain by tomorrow so I have to buy her another color of thread. Good thing I still have an hour left to sit beside Mj while she was doing her Kumon worksheets, I still have time to observe her pronunciation and mark excellent on her worksheets, she can absolutely read and the reason why I enroll her for English is that I want her to do good for her reading and understand it as well.
And because I slept five hours, I took a bath so late in the afternoon and I have to hurry because my husband is waiting for me online. I was so right because just when I was about to open my laptop he already called me and asked me if I was out in the house because I was not yet online at 5:00 a.m., his time. Geez I slept five hours, the reason why I was not able to send Faith to the toilet bowl when she pee, but oh well I am just blessed because sister Merlyn is the one who replaced me of training Faith to pee in the bowl. We are not letting her to wear diapers on daytime because she is on training; so far she is doing good. She told me after awhile when I woke up that she has to pooh whereas she just need to pee, I guess pooh is the same with pee for her, well it is alright as long as she do it in the right place.

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    HI Ann, oi nag-rotating brown-out na pod diay dha.. hmmm.. heheh.. that's cool sleep huh — five hours! 🙂 By the way, gi-add ta ka sis sa plurk. 🙂 muahhh!

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