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It was only a cellophane bag

Whenever I would watch movies in a cinema, I always make sure there are fire exit signs near where I am seated so in case there are some bad things that would happen while you watch a movie, you could easily sighted where to get out. It is better to be precautious than to be sorry at the end, although yes of course we are hoping we will not be harm while watching our favorite movie or just walking around the mall.

Somehow, you would get annoyed when there are commotions around and you just found out it was only from people whose job is only to make a scene. It happens to us one time, when my sister and I were watching a movie, all a sudden something explode, we freaked out and panicked, we thought a bombed was just exploded, we hurriedly reach out for the exit, when we were outside already, we found out that it was only a cellophane bag.

During Her Final

My post about Mj’s swimming improvements and pictures has been remove to my other blog last week because it has been attacked by malware, it was a link post so I have to remove all her links yet so my blog would be free from those attacks since that link carried that virus.
Anyway, enough of that ranting as I am here again ready to begin anew with all my blog, not to mention that I plan now to transfer another community with my other blog. You might be confused as to which community, I can’t reveal it as of now yet but you would know in due time. Meanwhile, let me share all to you the pictures of Mj during her Final last week.

Mj and her classmates in swimming

During the Final

Fun after the Final

Before The Wedding

I was ready to send out our wedding invitations then, when I found out that Terry can’t arrive on the day we had planned. He has to attain some data base problems at work and he was the only one who could solve it. I was devastated, I even told him to phone me when he was ready to book for another flight or he already solve whatever his problem there. He called me so many times to try to explain me about how his work messed up when he was ready to go, good thing that when he called me on the third time, I was already talking to a friend about her friend who could help us with the papers to be submitted in the local office to get the marriage license.
Our wedding invitations get on hold until he arrived as he also wanted to send those things out together. So although he was so tired from the trip and got all sweaty at that day, he patiently went with me to hand over the invitations to the guests.

Their Source of Income

If you own your own business, especially if it is in retail, you need a dependable way to print receipts for your customers. Something like an epson receipt printer can come in handy, by making a copy for your records and your customer. A copy of your receipt is important for keeping your records straight. You need them to balance your books and at tax time.
And I think I am going to need this since we had plans to put up a small business, I hope we could do it the soonest possible time and I hope it will prosper as eventually I would leave this one to my sister so at least they have a source of income when we depart to my hubby’s place.