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Planning To Pursue Her Swimming Lessons

Among the girls in the swimming lessons, Mj was the only one who doesn’t get tired at all in swimming. She still wanted to pursue her swimming lesson to competitive and scientific; she wanted to be more exquisite in regards with her speed. One Mom told me they might pursue but not this month though since they still have many things they have to attain and that includes the enrollment this month. They might consider next month and would be going to the venue only on Saturdays. They still have to inquire how much would it cost for the training, I asked if he she could phone me when they decide so at least we will have the same company if ever we also would like to pursue Mj, oh how she was sad when she knows the final would be this Friday!

I, myself doesn’t have rest at all, since she started the swimming lesson; somehow I enjoyed it since it keeps me busy. Plus, it helps me minimize my eating habit in the morning because we always in a hurry so we will not be late, it was consecutive two days that we were late already, I hope not to be late again by tomorrow.

A woman is as old as she looks

A woman is as old as she looks, that is because of the wrinkles that has shown under her eyes. In today’s high technology there are many beauty products that would help us look young even we are already old, there are wrinkle creams, eye creams, concealer, vitamins even diet pills could do. Women now will not be worried anymore of their looks because of these beauty products. We just have to look for it in the market and you will get a lighter younger looking skin. So to hell with getting age, it doesn’t matter at all, I am not worried, if I got tons of wrinkles on my face besides I already a husband who would take good care of me even I will have gray hair and who would tell it to my face I am still beautiful even I look so old.

On the other hand, it is really not our age that mattered it all, it is how we carry ourselves. Smile, laugh aloud and make friends those are the best ways to sway around and look so young. No one would ever notice you already outnumbered the calendar.