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Vaccinations After a Year Old

Faith just had her Hepa A Booster on Monday, she did not cry that much but surely she was in pain. When the doctor prepared the booster for her, she even asked me “What was that?”. The Doctor then answered her, that he would only put a tattoo in her arms. She’s so brave not to cry so loud but I felt pity for her, I always will ever since she started it. But she is so lucky to have a complete vaccination from birth until now.
On the other hand, Mj does not have those things. She only have vaccines when she was yet a baby, she completed it at 9 months. The doctor told us it was not enough especially that we plan to move out soon, she has to get the after a year old boosters. So the Doctor gave me a list of what booster she should be getting, my eldest is worried and so scared of her upcoming vaccinations. There are still many vaccines we have to put her into, but the Doctor said he will not inject it at the same time. Maybe once in a month so it will not be hard for Mj, next week or this Saturday, she should be ready.