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Girl’s Talk : Friends at Work

I’d been working to a different company right after I graduated college. And since I don’t have any memories from my previous company, let me share to you some friends that I was able to have pictures with.

 First, of course my ever Kumare BFF Clarinda from JS Gaisano. We were both assigned in Customer Service at that mall. And even years slid by, we are still friends so we call each other BFF.

When we went to Cagayan for Cebu

I was then looking for a job at that time, my friend in highschool told me that they were hiring so I grabbed the opportunity, only then that I found out she was not a friend who is nice to work with. It hurt me so bad that she did not became my friend at work; I guess all of us don’t like her. So I became close whom just I met at the office, they were always there when I need someone to talk and to confide with my work. It was odd to tell but I was closer to them, than to the friend I had in highschool, they were Venchie and Sarah.

My friends at the construction firm

I resigned from the construction firm and tried my luck at Digital Interface. My work ambiance was so different from the construction firm; even I got too busy I don’t feel any pressure at all because all of my office mates were my friends.

The one who stood with me is Gay, then me, Pearl, Ehlyn, Lin, Mimie, Sheryl, Joan and Joy

And among those friends, I am more close to Mimie

For greener pasture, I tried to apply in a Call Center Company; I got lucky and was accepted to become a call center agent. My first set of friends was my batch mate during our orientation and training.

I wore a shade at that time because I did not sleep yet and it was already 1:00 p.m., we finished the celebration as it was Mabel’s birthday exactly at 7:00 p.m., and our duty would start at 10:00 p.m., all in all at that time we slept for 2 1/2 hours only.

I, Xcylc, Cheryl and Mabel

Me, Chery, Mabel the bday celebrant and Ada

Of course I remain close to my wedding planner and the singer diva, Cheryl

Then we got separated, Cheryl has to resign and some of my friends were assigned to a different team. But I was never lonely at all; from time to time I was close to the friends as follow:

Analee, she used to bring me to Shrine to have a novena

Selena, I so miss this girl, I miss eating our favorite crabs with her

Some of our workmate said she is hard to be friend with

but she was never to me. We became so close
that we always found in our terminal chatting, she’s in dubai now
I miss you so much Ina.

I may had forgot some friends to post here and I am sorry for that, but you know that you are always in my heart and I will never ever forget you guys.

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