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Math Tutorial and a Booster

Mj took an exam for her Math in tutorial class yesterday for her to be qualified on the next level. I was taking a nap while sitting at that time in the waiting area, when the guard called my name and told me that Mj’s teacher would like to talk to me. I was still fresh from my sleep when I face the teacher inside their class room area, and showed me the improvements of Mj. Her speed was accurate, she took it only 10 minutes for a 15 minutes standard time and she got 73 out of 80 scores. She was doing well, only when she is easily destructed, she can’t concentrate at times when something bothered her.
Today, we will going to have her MMR booster; she is not excited about it. She is really scared of injections, the last time she had was when she was admitted in the hospital for Dengue fever. I always told her, she should have a booster and she does not have to be scared, I mean her younger sister was not, she could even play with other kids afterwards.