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Healthy Tips for 2010

I have varieties of magazines in my cabinet; those were the Buzz, Working Mom, Cosmopolitan, Star Studio and the Kris Aquino Magazine. I just love buying those things and learn some new tips they will be giving to the readers.
Last April, I bought a Kris Aquino Magazine and I would be very selfish if I won’t be sharing these tips to you all. It is the top 10 Healthy Tips for 2010.
  1. Do something for yourself even for just 10 minutes. Although how busy we are, we should find sometime to do things that we want, go to the spa is not bad at all out of your busy schedule during the day right? You must love yourself, so when you give out your love to the one whom you care so much, you could give it with care and joy in your heart.
  2. Learn a New Sport. I love to learn a new sport, like swimming as my eldest daughter did during summer. But I guess sport is not for me. But if you are capable of having a new sport, do it now, instead of sweating yourself in the Gym, explore your world to a newest sport you ever love to learn.
  3. Spend more time with your loved ones. Instead of spending your time outside with your friends or go to a very extravagant party, why not sit down for a while and have fun with your love ones at home. I am sure they are missing you so much, especially when you are busy during the day. Being with family is healthy as it brings out the nurturing spirit in you.
  4. Read a new Book. Now this is my part, these past few weeks, I read three novels already and I can’t help to go to a book shop and buy another one after I finish every other book. Kris once said that reading is healthy for the mind and your general well-being. It will keep your brain cells active, and at the same time, give you something new to talk about with your friends.
  5. Get a mammogram. Women of 40 years old and above are advised to get a mammogram for at least once every one or two years. We absolutely know how rampant breast cancers are to women and getting a mammogram is the best way to protect ourselves from getting a cancer.
  6. Give up something you know is not good for you. Like drinking alcohols or smoking, I know it would not be easy to some especially when it is already not easy to resist from those, but do you like to be manipulated by it? A sudden quit of your vices may be hard for you, but if you take it one at a time, limit yourself to those vices would be a way for you to resolve stick.
  7. Have yourself vaccinated against cervical cancer. I already did that as we are prone to cervical cancer, my grandmother and my aunt had that and it was the cause of their death. As we all know, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of death among Filipino women. It is caused by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV which is transmitted sexually. But if you get yourself a vaccine, you may prevent of having it. P 2,500 every shot as you have to do it two consecutive months and the third shots would be after I guess three or two months I forgot but I tell you the cost is cheap than of the chemotherapy expenses and follow ups medicines.
  8. Wear sun block. Especially when it is dreading so hot outside, sun block could help you prevent skin diseases.
  9. Add more calcium and Vitamin D in your diet. Now this reminds me of my calcium vitamins that my husband brought for me aaarrgghss! Calcium could help your bone to become strong and Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption, these two could make you not become stoop as you grow older.
  10. Do not pig out. No matter how tempting the foods are, do not eat the whole bunch of it. If diets do not work, then eat normally otherwise you will keep on looking for it with a danger of overeating.
Source: Kris Aquino Magazine

Playing Golf

It was only once that I have entered a golf playing area; it was when a friend of mine asked me to come with her and her family. And since I don’t how to play golf, I choose to be the driver of their cable car, their equipments and balls are not complete so they have to rent a used golf balls in the counter, they tried to teach me how to play golf but I just don’t know how to sway the stick properly. Well I enjoyed driving the cable around that sometimes I would hit the trees nearby, how I wish that it was a car I was really driving but sad to say it was not.
My husband loves playing golf, and he said we would it try next time when he will take his vacation here, I don’t have equipments to use so I guess we will be renting it at the golf venue. I hope he could teach me well and I hope to listen to him while he would instruct me how to sway it properly so the balls would shoot in the hole.