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The Mall is on Sale

Yes I guess almost all the malls were having a sale, they also have a midnight sale, I just don’t know when. We are already done shopping for my eldest daughter’s school supplies and when I thought I still have a money left, we went upstairs where bags for ladies were place. Some of you may know that I am really up to, buying a new bag since my bag is starting to give up already. The zipper just won’t close, I guess it was broken when I push hard to close it. I have so many heavy belonging inside my bag maybe that was also the cause of it.
Well, anyway, I had been eyeing for Mikaela bag, in fact I keep on looking for a discount so it won’t be that hard for me. They said that Mikaela brand would last for a long time; I hope so because I might waste my money if it will give up that easy. My eyes grew big when they marked it down to 20 percent for a certain style. It is simple but I guess it is quiet enough of my longing to have a new bag.