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Mellow Yellow Monday # 30 : Barney

When we grocery shopped last night, my youngest daughter suddenly saw a Barney book at the shelves. She picked it up right away and when my niece grabbed the book to return it back to the shelves, she got mad and wanted to keep it. I have no choice but to pay for it in the cashier and now she is sleeping with her book, well she usually does that.

My niece also bought a Candy Magazine yesterday
and has been asking me to be Edward Team, lol.


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Less Per Pound Lost

There are so many diet pills out there it is hard to choose one. One that works, one that is safe and one that is affordable, some of them make outrageous claims as to how they can make you lose pounds quickly, apidexin is another diet pill. And it promotes itself by costing less per pound lost. But before I take any diet pill, I will do my research and if I have any concerns, I will ask my doctor about it.
As I always said whenever I would talk about my diet, I always have to prioritize my health concerns, as I’ve heard there are many people out there who were taking pills but end up themselves in the hospital. Of course we don’t want to mess around just because of a single pill. So it’s better to consult your Doctor before you decide otherwise you would risk your health to a very disastrous situation.