Before The Wedding

I was ready to send out our wedding invitations then, when I found out that Terry can’t arrive on the day we had planned. He has to attain some data base problems at work and he was the only one who could solve it. I was devastated, I even told him to phone me when he was ready to book for another flight or he already solve whatever his problem there. He called me so many times to try to explain me about how his work messed up when he was ready to go, good thing that when he called me on the third time, I was already talking to a friend about her friend who could help us with the papers to be submitted in the local office to get the marriage license.
Our wedding invitations get on hold until he arrived as he also wanted to send those things out together. So although he was so tired from the trip and got all sweaty at that day, he patiently went with me to hand over the invitations to the guests.

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