Keeping it to myself

It is hard to mend a broken heart and sometimes we will just forget about it then start anew. I am somewhat told myself last night that I would really say a word to the person who is close to me, I was really planning to blurt out some nasty words and yet when I saw the person this morning, I just felt pity and said nothing.

Promises should not mean to be broken and trust should not be taken for granted but there are cases that no matter what we do, it is still unavoidable. Maybe I just have to move on and I will just take good care of it later or maybe forget all about it. Maybe that is the best thing to do, to keep all the disappointments and anguish I have inside. But I hope they know that I am only a human and that I will get tired and will blow up anytime if they will continue doing the things that I don’t like. I hope I still can keep my patience so nothing or no one will be hurt.

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